Inspiration, What I Needed to Hear

Loyalty Has an Expiration Date…

chinese-676648_960_720I had an incredibly hard day today. Today, I felt marginalized, demeaned, and frustrated. Days feeling like this are not new to me. I am tired of them.

Then, a colleague and friend called me today and I vented. She listened while I vented, and then she gave me solid, sane, and actionable advice. It was just the perspective I needed.

And then, she sent me a link to a video. I am not a fan of motivational speeches or videos. But, she asked me to listen to this one, and I agreed. I did not connect with the first section. However, the next two resonated with me. It spoke to me and how I felt. The video gave me the clarity I needed to see myself as someone who can make changes in my life – with the people, situations, and perspectives that surround me.

I am going to leave this video here, in case it helps someone else. I am ready to rest, and wake up with a renewed understanding of what I want to do and who I want in my life. Because I get to choose. And I have to remember that my loyalty to others can have an expiration date if it is not reciprocated. Authentically, and without drama.